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Help Jamie Get to Writers Conferences! 05/06/2010

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Hello Tiny Lights Community! Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. I received three emails: one from the VONA  Writers workshop (that I mentioned in a previous post), one from the Napa Valley Writers Conference, and one from the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference. I was accepted into all three! My poor laptop fell from my lap to the floor as I jumped up and danced like I never knew I could. I am so honored, and haven’t stopped smiling since then.

However – reality soon set in. Mendocino Coast Writers Conference graciously offered me a 50% scholarship of the $495 tuition, which was the only funding I received in total. The VONA workshop will cost $850, and if I attend Napa, $800. Of course this coincides with the roughest financial period in my life: a student, recently moved from my mother’s house, loans maxed out. So! I need to raise a lot of money, and call every relative I can think of to help me out! (“Oh hi, Cousin Michael, remember me? I’m Jamie! You know, in California? Yeah! So, I’m graduating from college this year and I need your money!”)

My question to you is: Do you have any fundraising ideas?

My skills/experience include: tutoring, editing, babysitting, office work. Any one need a worker?

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for TL updates!



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