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And They’re Off! 03/05/2010

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After much procrastinating, and hours studying that MFA blog making myself feel terrible, I’m done sending MFA applications. For now.  I sent off 3.5 actual apps – the half being an application I had to defer to December since my junior college forgot to send my transcript. I feel somewhat like an unachiever; crying for help from everyone,  the result less than noteworthy. It’s not that I’m not happy with the schools I applied to, because I am. After spending a chunk of time looking into each faculty member of each program (reading their books and such), and visiting one of the schools; admission to them would be cause for celebration.

There’s still  pressure though- a heaviness sitting upon my chest. I think I need to be re-trained how to relax. Or at least take a yoga class.

Cool writerly things: I’ve been reading this great blog, Isak , which always has interesting news and quotes. I also have been looking into writers conferences this summer. I’ve applied to VONA – a conference for writers of color in San Francisco with a great history (and they were featured in the latest issue Poets & Writers Magazine!).  Also check out the upcoming Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, which I know Susan was involved in during past years. They begin accepting applications on March 15th, so get on it!



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