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Literary Mama! 01/13/2010

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Tiny Lights and Literary Mama share a wonderful group of readers/writers, so I was very excited to hear back from Caroline Grant  in an email when I asked about featuring the site here. First of all, check out the slick new website design. Second, read their latest piece of creative non-fiction, “Call Me Ishmael” by Irena Smith: it is a concise, painful, and inspiring story about dealing with a child with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and the heart-wrenching decisions that she must face as a mother. I related to this so much, (my little brother a similar condition, ODD and ADHD), and have not read a story that spoke to this issue in such a way. As their heading suggests, Literary Mama is for the maternally inclined, but also for those who write about the joys, frustrations, and epiphanies of family life and relationships.

Regarding the success of the online publication, Grant says: “I believe we’re successful because of the commitment and high standards of our editorial staff, who volunteer their time to read hundreds of submissions each year, and edit and copyedit the dozens that we publish. We also publish a terrific group of columnists, who write for us monthly.” These columns include family friendly movie reviews, one titled “Doing it Differently,” that focuses on adapting to new religious and family customs, “How Does your Bookshelf Grow?” about the connections between reading, family, and the sharing of books; and many other engaging columns.

“I don’t have a favorite writer or writing style — probably my favorite work on LM at any given time is what we’ve most recently published, like our new essay by Victoria Patterson (“Writer Duck”) and the new poems by Rachel Levy, Margaret Young, and Wendy Levine DeVito,” wrote Grant.

Well, I think there’s plenty of evidence here and in the plethora of archives on the LM site to encourage you to write and submit! Thank you to the TL readers who suggested Literary Mama!



1. Stephanie Hunt - 01/13/2010

Thanks for shining “tiny lights” on Literary Mama. As one fortunate enough to write and edit for the journal, I can whole heartedly agree with Caroline–that LM’s success is due to high standards and impressive volunteer dedication. Caroline herself, and the other senior editors, give incredible time and expertise to getting these wonderful mama voices out there. Thank you, terrific literary women!

2. Victoria Patterson - 01/14/2010

I agree that the professionalism and commitment of the editorial staff is what makes LM stand out.

3. Victoria Patterson - 01/14/2010

I could have used an editor on my last post!

The professionalism and commitment of the editorial staff are what make LM unique.

(That’s better.)

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