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Pen to Paper 12/25/2009

Posted by jamie-m in Uncategorized.

I am constantly battling between writing by hand and typing on my laptop. I love writing by hand; I’ve had an insane collection of notebooks since my preteen years. But the convenience of the computer usually wins. It’s unfortunate, because I think the process of writing is interesting, and I extensively edit while I’m writing. It’s just such a slow process by hand, and lately I’ve been lackign in discipline. When I’m feeling low about hand-writing, I look at this letter Lynda Barry wrote for the NaNoWriMo writers, and I feel a bit more determined.

How do you get those words down?



1. Sam Corl - 01/07/2010

I tried writing some notes by hand the other day because my iPhone was dead and I got a hand cramp. Hand-writing is so five years ago! Notice how none of the “smart” phones interpret hand written input like the old Palm devices tried to do?

Personally, I do brainstorming and conceptual work on paper, even for writing computer code. The keyboard input it too limiting for free-form expression of ideas. Even a tablet requires part of the mind’s attention be devoted to managing the input mechanism.

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