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WSPE: Orion Magazine 12/19/2009

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Orion Magazine always seems to restore my faith that people are thinking about what’s going on the world, and what we can do to better it. I just finished reading “‘Spectral Light” by Amy Irvine, which I think is a brilliant example of the kind of stories/ memoir that Orion publishes. This magazine, like The Sun, is one with a conscience, a quality I always respect. They have a cool online set up as well; an archive of stories and articles in the left sidebar links, and space to post comments. Be sure to read the submission page thoroughly and make sure you fall within one of their reading periods.

As the holidays come and pass, I plan to use this winter break from school to catch up on writing. I am not as disappointed as I should be that SSU spring semester doesn’t begin until the first of February, and instead am in great need of the breathing space. Maybe I will get the chance to write about how Christmas day my family usually eats dinner around two pm since my mother gets antsy and starts cooking very early. Or how quiet my house gets that afternoon, despite all the children, as we settle in and gossip about all the things happening around us. I hope you will find some inspiration too.



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