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Write Some Personal Essay 12/06/2009

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I’m on a quest to create a list of personal essay markets. My first stop is a long time favorite of mine, and I’m sure a lot of Tiny Lights readers: The Sun. They pay for pieces, starting around $300, especially those that are culturally, politically, and/or philosophically thought-provoking. The Sun has a long history of publishing engaging personal essay and interviews- so if you haven’t lately, check them out!

And when you’re done writing a piece for The Sun, get started on your submission to the Tiny Lights Annual Essay Contest!



1. Jamey Genna - 12/17/2009

Hi, I’m a writing teacher at the Writing Salon in Berkeley, California. Check out Jane Anne Staw’s blog on writing at writershomecompanion.com. It’s great. She talks about breaking blocks and continuing a writing process. I have a blog at jameygenna.blogspot.com, but I mostly write fiction and talk about books I like. Nonfiction magazines I like: Memoir (and), Creative Nonfiction, and Literary Mama.

jamie-m - 12/19/2009

Thanks for suggesting the sites! I will add them to my links page.

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