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No Back-up Plan 11/20/2009

Posted by jamie-m in Uncategorized.

Continuing my MFA research and beginning the application process, I have found many blogs and other helpful, information-stuffed sites that have not done much more than overwhelm me. Reading comments on this popular MFA blog (http://creative-writing-mfa-handbook.blogspot.com/), I feel so unprepared; almost under-qualified to be be applying since I am not as immersed in the process as it seems everyone else is. It comes back to the idea of balance: finding the space and time in my life to write- now not only fiction, but personal statements and requests for recommendation letters.

These sites also made me realize how many people love doing the same thing I do. It’s intimidating to think about how many talented writers I will be going up against for a spot in a program. And if I happen to not get into one, I have no back-up plan.

I am passionate about writing, literature, and literary publications. I know this is what I want to do. But now, I have to prove it to committees of people who don’t have the opportunity to see the desire behind my eyes, or hear me speak about young writers.

Everyone wants to feel their own relevance in relation to the rest of the world. Now it’s my turn to take that path into the dark and hope for the best.



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