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Projects, Classes and a Writing-Palooza 11/14/2009

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Lately, I have been working on a proposal for my independent project in Spring.  One thing I hope to do is establish a writing group of SSU students; a way to expand our writing community beyond the classroom. I also want to put together some literary events, similar to those that the Redwood Writers group sponsor, but with a greater focus on local, young writers– maybe readings from the students themselves. It would be awesome to build a bridge between Tiny Lights, Redwood Writers Club, Sonoma State and SRJC.  Any ideas for me?

So far I have spread the word about TL in two writing classes: Greg Sarris’s “Memoir and Place” (of which I am a proud student), and Sherril Jaffe’s “Intro to Creative Writing.” Both sets of students seemed very responsive, so I hope to hear from Susan about increased student submissions to the journal. Hopefully, I will pop into some SRJC writing classes soon. 

In my daily writing adventures, I attended a “Writing-Palooza” put on by SSU’s writing center. They hoped to promote a day of fun, descriptive writing versus the academic essay structure that the tutors are familiar with. They took over a group of tables in the first floor of the Schultz library, each led by a WC tutor that had a specific creative writing activity. I had fun at the “Coffee and Food” themed table where I wrote a vignette about my grandpa’s ‘famous’ gumbo that I might submit to the Writing Center’s publication, Ink Tank (links to the SSU newspaper’s article about Ink Tank).

I hope everyone is gearing up for TL’s annual Essay Contest! Entries are not due until February, but with all the holiday madness, it will come along sooner than we all think!



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