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A Mini-Interview with Nan Gefen 10/07/2009

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I decided to take some initiative while I am asking myself and my peers questions that I believe are vital in today’s literary landscape. So I created a list of questions, and emailed them to some editors of publications I really respect. One of these was to the editor of the magazine Persimmon Tree, Nan Gefen, and to my delight, she responded. I feel that at my stage as a writer, any insight is valuable insight; so below are my questions and Nan Gefen’s answers.

1.What do you believe makes Persimmontree a successful magazine?

 Persimmon Tree  fills a niche in that it is a showcase for the talent and creativity of women over sixty.  There isn’t any other publication like this.

 2. How do you think literary publications need to evolve to survive with increasing economic challenges?

It helps to narrow down the market rather than trying to be everything for everybody. Then you can develop a constituency of loyal readers, who will support you (or at least partially support you.

3. How should writers be prepared to market their work in a changing literary landscape?

Reach out, network, follow every lead. Get used to rejection..

4. Do you have a favorite writer or style that you have featured in your magazine recently?



Thanks again to Ms. Gefen, and I look forward to to continuing research!



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