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Devoid of Armor 09/18/2009

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In one of my classes, titled “Personal Geographies,” we explore ourselves through the tools of map making. One of our class readings that I found particularly inspiring comes from Cartographies: Meditations on Travel, by Marjorie Agosin:

I looked at my hands and understood heredity. I understood how the rhythm of a heart devoid of armor creates a map, imprecise yet full of remembrance and discoveries, like entering a secret.

In the last post, I briefly addressed the idea of honesty in writing, which I believe epitomizes beauty. In the writing that I’ve shared with others, the pieces that people most responded to were the ones that were most detailed; the most exposed moments that often comes straight from my personal experience. Usually, these are the pieces I am most nervous about. Yet, in specific details I realize it is more relatable, and in honesty, more humanity. In the class, I am curious about exploring my heredity and examining my thought process through maps. In high school, I wrote a college entrance essay that explored this where I wrote: “I am the warmth in a German solider’s coat, the beat of an African drum, the steam of an Indian brew.” I want to explore these places within myself through maps, and from these maps, through writing. To get this deep within myself, I am trying to dismiss the walls I put up in my mind almost instinctively. I may find a place where I can enter my own secrets, without judgement, through the characters of a story.



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