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September Remembers 09/06/2009

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September marks new beginnings for me more than January ever does. Fall semester always seems to weigh a bit heavier in my spirit. Truth or not, my mind instantly thinks of stacks of thick textbooks and the hunched over bodies of my peers trudging through wind and rain to classrooms. It’s an interesting time for me as a writer because I have to find some sort balance between writing essays and writing stories.  Luckily, my new job as the Tiny Lights intern is giving me some creative inspiration.

Speaking of the journal, this month’s Searchlights Column (a great resource if you are stuck with the fall writing blues), offers various answers to this question: What helps you remember? Pretty convienient for me that this question came around in September; I remember things by the school year in which it happens. So this is the month my minds flicks to when I’m looking for a good childhood story.

I remember the first day of sixth grade, when we started class the day after Labor Day. My two best friends and I had finally ended up in the same class after spending fourth and fifth grade apart. The sun told us it was still summer, so during recess we sat on top of the blacktop  in a circle holding hands and decided to create a ritual to say goodbye to those glorious three months of freedom. We wanted to welcome the clouds and rain. We gathered early fallen leaves and dirt in a bowl stolen from the plastic toy dish set that belonged to the kindergarten room. Mixed with water, it became a muddy stew. When the yard duty turned her back, we flicked the mixture at each other, as well as other kids, yelling “Here comes the rain!” When the bell rang, we left the remaining mud soup at the sunny edge of the detention bench, an offering to the departing season.

I am excited for the journey that lies ahead of me these next few months. In beginning this blog, this new year, and my new opportunities, I wish Summer a good journey down south.



1. Susan Bono - 09/08/2009

Your playground memory put me under one of the big oak trees on the playing field at Dingle Elementary School in Woodland, CA, circa 1965. It was great feeling 10 years old again!

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